Don’t believe scent is important, better think again?

Don’t believe scent is important, better think again?

Today’s post is for the Terminal Tackle Steelhead
and Salmon angler and it was inspired from a discussion
on my fishing forum page. I could not believe there were a few who were
skeptical about using scents and if it really played a role in there fishing success. The Skamania Run is underway and the river Salmon fishing is just around the corner. So let’s get ready to wack some fish!

For me
I would not even go fishing if I did not have my scents. I have seen it make
all the difference in the world on getting bit some days. So instead doing a step by step instructions on cures and dyes, lets talk some Olfaction science and how it can affect your catch ratio.
Ol – fac – tion
The action or capacity of smelling; the sense of smell 

As many fisherman will tell you, they think fish are very sensitive to odors, particularly the scent of their predators and food. A Canadian study, where a nearly homeopathic solution containing one part of human skin dissolved in 80 billion parts of water was dumped into a river. The scent from this solution in the experiment was sufficient enough to stop a migrating salmon for as long as a half hour dead in there tracks. 

I believe that olfaction plays a crucial role in the day to day life cycle of
all fish. They rely on scent for nearly every aspect of their lives, from
locating food to avoiding predators. They travel hundreds or even thousands of miles during their
lifetimes and rely upon their discerning sense of smell and the magnetic fields to
bring them home again.
It’s a proven fact fish can detect
odors as low as parts per billion. That’s not an opinion of mine, that’s a scientific fact.
That last sentence alone should get you re-thinking your scent game this fall
on the river.
I put scents on all my plugs as well. This
fish was taken on a Yakima Mag Lip 3.5 in Coppermine using Pautzke Gel Krill. This Big Buck could not resist.

I even add the krill powder to all my skeins, eggs and shrimp. Below is some shrimp I colored up for a Skamania Pier fishing trip. I love to use Pautzke Fire Brine, Pautzke Nectar with Pautzke Firepower Krill Powder shaken on
the baits.

By using Half Fire Brine and Half Nectar
I’m able to  achieve that bubble gum pink that Steelhead LOVE! After its in the water for awhile it milks out just enough to achieve that perfect muted pink. 



When I cure or tie up baits I always wear rubber gloves. I like to keep human scent to a minimum. Another factoid for you is when you touch things you leave behind amino acid serine. Well known fishy dudes in the industry refer to this as this as “the serine problem”. Fish smell something not normal or not natural could cause you not to be bit. I also like to wear them when floating skein for Kings to prevent my hands and fingers from being died red or orange. These gloves will not keep your hands warm during the late fall or winter. But they sure will keep them dry. More importantly keep the serine off yours baits or lures. Pay attention ice fisherman that’s a nugget for you too. 

Pay attention Great Lakes the West Coast has been schooling us for years in this stuff. After all where do you think our fish came from? All of my baits whether plugs, bags or skein get the scent treatment. Now when the Steelhead Spirits are willing and the bite is on, it’s on and may not make a difference. But someday’s it can make all the difference in the world I promise. People spend thousands on gear, clothing, tackle, lodging and fuel just to name a few. But won’t invest a little extra money and care on a very over looked factor YOUR OWN HUMAN SCENT! Please give some of these tip’s and Pautzke’s a try on your baits this season. Let me just say it now. 


 Women will love your new FISH COLOGNE!

Stationary Bobber Rig For Pier Skams


need to start by sweating some green onions and mushrooms, to which you
will then add a handful of chopped macadamia nuts. Now I chose to use macadamia
nuts because I really like their subtle, creamy flavor
and the intense crunchiness that they have to them, but if you don’t
have any on hand, I take it any other nut would do the trick and would also
confer its own personality to the dish.
Chopped spinach then goes into the pan and is
given a few seconds to wilt…before the shrimps join the party and are also
given a few seconds in the heat of things, just until they turn pink and
stuffing is then given a few minutes to cool down, then mayo gets added to it.
You will then need to help it find its way down the “pockets” that
you’ve carefully carved in the salmon fillets.
course, that alone wouldn’t be enough stuffing for my taste, so you need to
mound more on top of the fillet! It looks so much better that way, too!
fillets then go in a scorching hot pan, skin side down, for about a minute,
just to sear the skin nice and good. You’d be surprised how much personality
this simple precaution gives to the dish! The skin becomes so crispy and SO
tasty. Think chicken skin is yummy? Just wait ’til you tasted this!
about a minute, you need to lower the heat, put a lid on and let your fish
cook for 5-8 minutes, until the meat turns opaque. If you like your salmon
to remain a bit on the rare side, do not go over that 5 minute mark!
The fish then gets transferred to the oven where it will spend a few more
minutes under the broiler, just until the stuffing starts to bubble and
turns a beautiful golden brown.

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