It’s COLD Outside!

It’s COLD Outside!

Seasons Greetings Steelhead Junkies

I hope you had a great Holiday? And Santa brought you all the fishing gear you wanted. As we bring in the New Year 2015 we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Going fishing this weekend? It’s cold outside, right? 

They say Cold /KOLD/ is: 
Lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional.
It’s synonyms: unfriendly, inhospitable, forbidding, cool, frigid

I have a few reminder words for you:

Polar Fleece


Merino Wool
Goose Down
Hand Warmers
Thermos with a HOT beverage

Who needs a Thermometer? That’s what nipples
are for! Just kidding folks. If you dress in layers and with today’s modern technologies and improvements in clothing you will be surprised how conformable you can be on the river in cold weather. But you must use your head and be safe. Always carry extra gloves in case your hands get wet. I carry 2 extra sets in my pack. I plan on catching fish, you should too.

The rivers are not frozen yet and we have very little snow around the Great Lakes region. Round 2 of the Polar Vortex has not shown up yet. No matter if you Pin to Win, Spey to Play, Strip Streamers and even pull plugs. Why stay inside get out for a bit and fish. The winter is one of my favorite times to be on the water. Crowds, what crowds? Exactly, get my point!

On the River during the Winter you find solitude without the loneliness. It’s just an awesome time to be on the river.

Manistee River Trip

Fred with a beauty 

Bobby with a steelhead

They say it’s gonna be COLD outside this week and only die hards
will be on the water. Call me what you will, crazy, die hard, idiot etc… This is my soul fishing time. Thanks again everyone for your continued support this year. I hope 2015 is a better year for us all and may all your steelhead dreams come true.
I’ll be  ON THE RIVER somewhere chasing steelhead!

Video PORN


If this fish does not get you excited? 
There is something wrong with you!

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