Pawhammer Banjo

Pawhammer Banjo

Today’s post is dedicated to man’s Best Friend. I have a bird dog, a German short hair named Mandy. A word of advice you have to be careful what you say about a man’s wife and kids, but you had better be DARN careful what you say about his bird dog!

There’s something about a bird dog and his master. There’s a special bond they share with love for one another and the game they pursue. My dog is getting some miles on her just like me. But we suit each other just fine thank you. I need to get her out bird hunting more. I must be feeling guilty or something. I have not been around much lately. Cheers to you if your a bird dog lover!

No matter what’s going on I will find her at the front door waiting for me when I get home every night or from a long trip. Our God has made us many wonderful things to enjoy. Even an old bird dog named Mandy.

Below you find some Hunting and Fishing photos from over the past couple weeks. The Buck is big but the fish are small but I love them all. As you can see I’m truly blessed and I hope you are too? Thanks again for your continued support. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get outdoors its a great place to be!



Nebraska Buck


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