The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

Well I did not fish trout opener this year I opted for Chrome, Smallies and even a Atlantic Salmon. I had to scratch that itch, since we had such a cold winter. Only Chrome will do the trick sometimes and since the season has run so late this year, why not?   Some rivers will have fish well into May if weather holds out. Most water temps are in the high 40’s and 50’s already. Below is a one of my favorite trout video trailers with some awesome footage dedicated to the love of trout!

For you you center pinners out there, check the video out filmed by Joseph Pricen from he was in Alaska this year fun fishing. If this video does not get you going, you must not have a pulse. Some really nice fish were caught in this video.

I will be speaking at the Traverse City Steelheaders Club a chapter of the MSSFA. I will be there on Wednesday, May the 6th. The location will be 801 Front St. in Traverse City. Meeting starts at 7:00 PM and admission is free. Topic will be float fishing for Steelhead. I hope to see you there.

I posted some photos from this past weeks fishing trips. We used (Great Lakes Steelhead Company Beads) and spawn sacks under a float. The natural colors were the ticket in size 6 MM and 8 lb leader. The drop backs were in pocket water and holes behind gravel.

The Manifesto blog has many cool things planned this year in 2015 and we hope you approve so stay tuned. As Steelhead season nears the end here in the Great Lakes we always have Smallmouth, Trout and Carp on the fly this summer. Have a great week everyone, I hope you get out this weekend and enjoy life a little. As always thanks again for your continued support.

Tight Lines.

Fish porn from this past week.

PLAY BALL with these CLEATS?

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