The Steelhead are in!

The Steelhead are in!

Rain Dance a noun that’s a ritual done to summon rain for the Steelhead Angler. The better the moves the more Steelhead that will move into the river. This young guy has his moves down, enjoy!

We have many trips planned this month from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and South Dakota. So stay tuned I hope to have some great photos and stories to share. 
The much needed Fall rains have brought many fish in around the Great Lakes region and all of the rivers have some Steelhead in them now. 
Its that time of year we all we wait for. I will be swinging flies and running my centerpin this weekend. 
Please be safe out there and feel free to share a photo with us.
Tight Lines my Friends!


Are you kidding me?

Not Even Fair from Casting Tales on Vimeo.
The Kodiak Project_Trailer 1 from LDR_Media on Vimeo.

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