Top 10 Habits of Great Anglers

Fishing is a lifelong journey and no angler will ever learn it all before he or she dies. However, Great Angler’s exhibit some similar traits with one another. Below is the Top 10 in my book. Feel Free to comment below on your must do habits.

10 Habits of Great Anglers

  1. Check your knots.  Every single time they tie a knot, a good angler moistens the knot and gives the knot and leader a good tug to make sure it’s strong and has seated correctly.  Every time, period!

  2. Check your leaders.Great anglers always check their leaders after every landed fish or snag. Always take the time to re-tie and do not be lazy.

  3. Sharp Hooks.  Good anglers will check the hook point to make sure it’s sharp.  If it’s not, either they sharpen it or replace it.

  4. Organize your gear. This is where preparation meets opportunity, having the right flies, bait, and gear for the current situations. Staying organized is a must and will translate into more fish.

  5. Fish the closest water first.  Great Anglers always make short casts into the near water first in the run and work outwards. Fish move around and sometimes are right next to the bank.

  6. Presentation: A good angler thinks before he or she casts and delivers the right presentation in the right place, but only after he or she has studied the run or pool.

  7. Keep your offering in the water.  It’s simple mathematics, the longer your bait or fly is in the water the better chances you have of catching more fish. Successful anglers always have a line in the water.

  8. Water and terrain features. A good angler is not only studying his surroundings above the water and the terrain, but what’s below the water as well.

  9. Analyze current conditions.  Many variables can impact what kind of day you’re going to have. Make changes to your techniques based on the weather, water conditions and temperatures. You must adapt based on the day you’re given to fish.

  10. Life Long Journey.  Good anglers know that they can learn something about fishing from almost anybody and every time they are out fishing.  Good anglers crave the knowledge and seek it out. Be it online, books, seminars, magazines or videos. Great Anglers talk fishing a lot with buddies.

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