As Salmon season heats up and Steelhead on there way this Fall the combat fishing will begin. I came across this video and I like what this kid says. This is why I love the Winter Time. 

See his words and video below! 

 Mission of Film: 1) To show the fly fishing community what winter steelheading in the great lakes is all about. 2) To give hope to those who are currently fall combat fishing there… better times with less people are on the way! 3) Remind everyone that RWP did make a fly fishing short movie called “No Off-Season” which will be released on our website this December.
Making the Film: I had a dream about this song and a sequence of some of our footage behind it. I woke up the next day and turned on my computer and put it together, more or less, just like my dream. This is my first go at editing a music video style project. Music : “When the Tigers Broke Free” by Pink Floyd.

Untitled from Lucas Carroll on Vimeo.

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