Where are all the STEELHEAD?

Where are all the STEELHEAD?

Been hearing that question allot lately around the Great Lakes Region. More so on the West side of the state especially. The answer is simple in my opinion, it’s temperature! Lake Michigan is warmer than allot of the larger rivers.

If you were a Steelhead would you leave warmer water to go into colder water? Hence why some of the smaller rivers are seeing normal runs and larger rivers are not not. For example like the famed Manistee River. Do I think we have a issue with our Steelhead Fishery? NO I do not. I think were STILL just fine.

The Salmon fishing and alewife problems are another post for another day. Did the charter boats whack more Steelhead this year because the lack of Salmon? YES! But not to the point the population of Steelhead was harmed.

This past weekend we put 12 fish in the boat. Not too shabby I think? This weekend’s fishing was a mixed bag mostly on the smaller side when it comes to the fish, and all fish were taken by a number of means. Jigs with Wax Worms, Plugs and Eggs. We had to work for them but all in all it was a great weekend.

So the bottom line is. Where are all the Steelhead? I say, still in Lake Michigan. From what I’m being told they are holding there waiting for Mother Nature to give them the que to run. They will be here boyz, but Mother Nature is the Boss not us, remember that.

So far as that second round of the Polar Vortex this year, it has not hit yet? Knock on wood….so stop crying and get fishing. The fierce fighting Steelhead awaits you.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks again for your support.


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