Roger Hinchcliff began fishing the River banks of Michigan over 40 years ago. Considered an authority on steelhead fishing, he loves sharing his expertise with other anglers.

Roger is a featured speaker, rod designer, a popular blogger, and the successful author of many published articles. Roger also has several instructional videos on his YouTube Channel, Steelhead Manifesto, and two Facebook pages; an entertainment page—with memes and fish photos— draws fans from around the world each month, and join our Facebook forum page—a place to discuss tips, tricks, and tactics, among other topics.


Originating in a Van down by the River, on the River Banks of the Great Lakes somewhere. The idea of an everything Steelhead Blog was born in April of 2013. Many anglers who suffer from this condition love to chase steelhead in many ways.  With Spin, Pin, Fly or Plugs our site welcomes all who chase the world’s greatest game fish, the Mighty Steelhead. From East Coast to the West Coast, no stereotypes here! We understand the struggle and addiction is real.

By 2016, the blog had completed over 500+ posts on how to, ramblings, product reviews and interviews, but it still wasn’t enough.  When we added a Facebook Page that was dedicated to fishing memes and fish porn of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout. The response was overwhelming. We have fans now from all around the world. We might be biased, but we have the Greatest Fans and we share a common bond. It’s all about our sport, lifestyle and the fish.

We hope you find something interesting on our page and would like to say thanks now for stopping by and please visit often or better yet subscribe (see bottom of page on the left) so you don’t miss a post.

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