Lamiglas “The Closer” Center Pin Float Rod

Lamiglas “The Closer” Center Pin Float Rod
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One of my favorite movies Escanaba in da Moonlight has one of my favorite movie quotes. “If ya don’t know where to start go back to da beginning”! So back in 1978 the movie Grease and the video game Space invaders came out. My first fishing trip like so many others was for Bluegills with crickets, my Father introduced me to fishing. Unfortunely  my parents divorced and I did not get as many fishing trips in with my Dad. But by then it was too late I was bitten by the fishing bug and I was hooked. Lucky for me my mother moved us near the banks of the mighty Huron River. It was there I learned to chase smallmouth bass, pike, crappie, bluegill, walleye, carp, suckers, and catfish. When I turned ten, I became friends with a neighbor kid who also loved to fish. His father would take his family up north to chase river salmon. I got invited every year to join them. It was then I became addicted to migratory silverfish. Now fast forward to almost 40 years later and I’m still addicted to salmon and steelhead. In high school, you’re asked? “What are you going to do with your life”? I never thought I would be an outdoor writer, seminar speaker or ever get involved with the Grandfather of the Modern-day fishing rod “Lamiglas”. So, when I was asked to join the team I gave a resounding yes.

For the Lamiglas Fans out there, you already know it all started 65 years ago. It’s not every day that an iconic brand like them comes calling. They still manufacture world’s finest fishing rods and are still being built in a town called Woodland, Washington. After speaking to the CEO, we discussed the needs of the Great Lakes Anglers and the idea of a new center pin float rod was born.  Fast forward 12 months later from the start of the project and the ultimate float rod is finally ready to bring to market. This project was not an easy one from the start. In my opinion, most of the float rods today are either underpowered and are not true float rods. What they lack is true float control and fall short when drifting at longer distances. Ask anyone that is a pinhead we are notorious for running long drifts. Many float rods in production today are just really fly rods built as a float rod. The rods are either tip heavy and too soft. These rods do work and many anglers love them, but in my opinion, a noodle rod has its limitations in providing true float control and long-range hook sets. Knowing this, we felt the blank recipe and tapers had to be perfect. With a lot of hard work and attempts the Ultimate Float Rod was born. We were ready to have others test it besides me.

I did not want my biased opinion, so I sought out anglers and some rod builders from around the Great Lakes and West Coast for feedback and suggestions. We wanted regular hard-core float anglers to test it, cast it and fish it.  The blank was found to be perfect and everyone raved about how they have never fished a rod so nice. Many commented they did not even want to fish their favorite rods anymore. That’s when the team knew we had something pretty special. We then had to test and get feedback on different components and aesthetics.

The Closer” Center pin comes in a 2-Piece 6-12lb or 10-17lb that’s 12′ in length. The final rods were designed to be balanced and powerful while still protecting light leaders. When the angler first picks up the rod he or she will notice how extremely light the rod is and the tip is very fast. It’s not till the rod is loaded up with a fish that a beautiful parabolic bend and shock absorber gets displayed. This is a true float rod with a mod/fast action delivering perfect float control and better hook set response, even on longer drifts. The blank has a proprietary blend of graphite and tapers that’s super strong and powerful but yet light. There is also no tip heaviness due to a weighted butt cap and recoil guides up top and ceramics on the bottom. The 12 foot rod is a joy to fish all day because it’s so light and balanced. The weighted butt cap ensures a more balanced rod. Something lacking in today’s modern float rods once over 11 foot is most are tip heavy. I feel many rods float rods today are just a noodle mess. I’m not saying noodle rods do not catch fish. What I am saying is its harder to control floats and set hooks at longer distances with a soft rod. You go to mend the line and the whole rod just moves like a bowl of Jell-O, thus disturbing the float and presentation. The rod will allow the angler to mend their line with ease with less disturbance to the float or presentation. When fishing cold temperatures and the presentation becomes a game of inches. By having a powerful rod, the angler can get away with longer drifts and be quicker on the hook set. Something that is much needed for today’s modern float fishermen. When fishing jigs and beads the angler must be quick on the hook set before the lure is spat by the fish. A long powerful rod helps pick the line up quickly. To sum it up these new rods allow the angler to manage the line, the float, the hook set and the fish. Not to mention it’s easily casted and controlled.

Let’s, not forget the Winter angler when dealing with cold weather. A better-built rod for these conditions can make a huge difference. We built a woven carbon-fiber handle with either sliding-rings or a fixed position reel seat to accommodate various reel positions. You will notice that the handle warms quickly to the touch, perfect for cold-weather angling. The top half of the rod has black oversized guides that help manage icing when fishing cold temps. The guides are of the highest quality with larger recoils on the top section to avoid icing. The color black absorbs light which translates into heat. Thus, keeping icing to a minimum when fishing below freezing temps. There is no thread wraps at the tip top to prevent line twist at the tip top. The rod features many items only seen in custom built stick.

One of my favorite features of the new rod, which is an industry first. Is the precision depth control for the river angler? Two, four and six-foot marks on the spine of the rod, measured from the hook-keeper up allow precision depth control. Place the hook on the hook keeper and the angler can slide the float up to the correct depth marking on the spine. You will always know how deep your fishing. Sometimes when fishing cold weather or when the angler catches a fish during the fight the fish causes the shot or float to move. Anglers can make sure the bait gets put right back to the fish catching depth. Not to mention when you break off your leader you can instantly measure out another leader on the rod to ensure your fishing the right length leader that was working. By keeping the bait in the zone translates into more fish. Little things can make a difference in fishing.

A fishing rod is a personal choice and everyone has an opinion or a budget on what they like or can afford. I feel we have created the ultimate float rod for the serious pinner. A rod of this caliber is worth every dime for any serious float fisherman. Coming in at the same price point of the G Loomis GLX or a Raven RPX it’s certainly expensive but one well-built stick. Think about it when holding a long, tip heavy and unbalanced rod all day long. That rod fatigue will set in and imagine if you had a rod that you barely know you’re holding. That is warmer, faster and leaves you in control of the fish. Not to mention it has a limited lifetime warranty. At the end of the day, it will help you catch more fish. I consider that an investment in my passion. I truly believe “The Closer” is one of the best center pin rods in the world.

Please take a look at some specs, pictures, and videos of the “Closer” below. Email me if you have any questions or are looking for a dealer.

Give the “Closer” Series a try and close the deal on steelhead and salmon.

6-12lb   1/4 – 5/8oz. Medium Steelhead

ccp12m the closer

12’ Length   2-Piece Fixed Reel Seat

The perfect steelhead float rod for all types of steelhead from small to large. The hooded reel seat allows your fingers to touch the woven carbon fiber handle next to the reel. 6-12lb leaders work excellent on this float rod that has perfect mending capability. The ALPS fixed reel seat is positioned to allow good placement of rod to the arm & body.


6-12lb   1/4 – 5/8oz. Medium Steelhead

centerpin closer sliding ring

12’ Length   2-Piece    Sliding Rings

The sliding ring model of the 6-12lb rod allows full range of handle positioning on that same amazing 6-12lb blank. This rod will accommodate light & med weight floats for steelhead. Perfect hookset for jig, bead and bait float fishing.


10-17lb   1/4 – 3/4oz. Medium-Heavy Steelhead/Salmon

centerpin closer sliding ring

12’ Length   2-Piece   Sliding Rings

The Medium-Heavy CCP12MHR is a sliding ring model with a strong, well distributed backbone. This rod still has an excellent tip for smaller steelhead but can handle and fight chinook salmon, coho salmon and large steelhead.

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